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10 Google Search Tips You May Not Know

Google Search Tips

There is no question Google has changed our lives and especially how business is conducted today. Every business has a goal to be listed on the first page of a Google search. Granted every company cannot obtain these results, but choosing the appropriate keywords, more importantly, long-tail keywords can level the playing field for smaller companies to compete with the big boys. With the explosion of mobile marketing about to happen, the ability to utilize Google is paramount to success.

Unless you are a tech-head, you may be using Google in its simplest form. You may make a query with a few words and keep searching until you find exactly what you’re looking for. I will share with you these tips to save you time and narrow down exactly what you want.

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Top 10 Google Search Tips

  1. Be Specific: use double quotes [“UV soft touch coating“] to narrow down results
  2. Exclude Words: use minus sign directly in front of a keyword you want to be removed from search results [soft touch coating -plastic]
  3. Avoid “stop” words: do not use the words ‘the,’ ‘a,’ ‘for,’ ‘it,’ and ‘on’ and other articles. They will throw off search results as they are found within longer words and have little relevance to keywords. Enlarge picture above for a demonstration.
  4. Search within a specific site: use the ‘site:’ to search a specific site. [brochures]
  5. Specific File Formats: use ‘filetype:’ to search for documents with a specific file format. [“online printing” filetype:pdf]
  6. Phone Listing: don’t recognize incoming phone call? Use ‘phonebook:’ to look up phone number. [phonebook:800-555-1212]
  7. Numeric Ranges: use ‘..’ between two numbers to get the range of data between the two numbers. [United States President 1920..1930]
  8. Word Definition: use ‘define:’ to get the definition of words. [define:paradox]
  9. Synonyms and Similar Words: use ‘~’ directly in front of words that you want similar results for.
  10. This OR That: use the ‘OR’ operator to match one or more terms. The ‘OR’ operator must be capitalized. [online printing OR lithography]


With the seamless transition of phones, tablets, and computers, the significance of successful searching will be a key ingredient in building your business. Smartphones are computers opening up a significant opportunity for marketers to get found online. Mobile marketing is a perfect opportunity to develop leads by providing quick, precise information on what they’re searching.

Understanding how search engines work is paramount to getting found in the search engine results page (SERP).

What are your favorite Google search tips?

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