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Who is Syreo?

Syreo is an SEO Consultant based in Detroit, Michigan. Syreo’s search engine optimization | SEO experts work with Fortune 500 businesses throughout the United States, including Detroit, New York City, and Los Angeles. Syreo consults companies to increase revenue organically through thoughtful digital marketing tactics and the expert use of search engine optimization | SEO. Syreo understands how to bridge the gap between the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and the CIO (Chief Information Officer), bringing data, science, and technology to life through creative storytelling that all stakeholders can understand and embrace. Syreo understands the importance of visual design that generates excellent user experience (UX) that converts into marketing goals through web analytics.

Logo Inspiration

The logo is clean and straightforward, with a clever design. The inspiration comes from the term “get found,” By playing with the words found/hidden, the name looks like it’s hidden behind invisible walls. The sans-serif font is Cocogoose and has been carefully crafted into a logotype design. The colors used are Ghost Indigo and Emerald Bent, visualizing a calm, sophisticated appearance with easy readability and class. The green dot serves as an icon and subtly inspires the thought the logo represents a web-based brand leading into a dot-com web address.

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Rick Rys SEO expert and digital marketing scientist

Leadership: Rick Rys

Rick Rys founded Syreo in 2008. While Rick’s home base is Detroit, he is equally at home working with Fortune 500 brands in New York. Is SEO rocket science? It kind of is. Because it can make a company’s revenue soar organically, that’s what Rick does. He was born with a computer in one hand and a camera in the other hand. Not literally. However, he eventually combined his childhood passions into, you guessed it, lithography. Oh, you didn’t think that? No matter. He used the natural synergy between the two to launch a career in web development. His creative digital marketing tactics today rely on the professional and analytical use of search engine optimization, drawing traffic like free beer and a band. Rick was classically trained, and his marketing philosophy honed from his experience at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) in Rochester, NY, and Stanford University Online in Stanford, CA. His success stories list includes well-known brands spread over a respected career in 1998 – Google’s inaugural year. His innovative techniques always stay a step ahead of the industry standard. As a result, he keeps his clients above the fold, creating opportunities that usually do not happen.

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