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Getting Started

To use your Google Adwords account (now called Google Ads), you’ll need to sign in. We will show you how to login into your Google Adwords account. Google Ads is an easy way to get your website on search engine results pages. Also, consider using an SEO expert strategy to dominate your search listings, especially your branded keyword terms.

Have you tried an effective SEO organic search campaign from an SEO expert? Consider the results without having to pay for Google Ads.


Visit Adwords Login Page

Web address to create Google Adwords account
Visit to create your Google Adwords account.

First, go to



Enter Gmail Address

Enter your email address into Google Adwords login page
Enter your Gmail address into the Google Adwords login page and click sign in.

Either enter your Google Account email address or your Gmail username. Then type in your password. Click “sign-in”.



Forgot Your Password?

Google Adwords login page shows where to do if you forgot your password
Click this link if you forgot your Google Adwords password to get help.

If you have forgotten your email address or password, click “can’t access your account?” for instructions and how to reset your password, recover your username or resolve other sign-in issues.



No Need to Login Every Time

Google Adwords login page stay signed in
If you do not want to login each time to use Google Adwords, click this checkbox to set a cookie on your computer.

If you don’t want to sign in every time you use Adwords from your personal computer, select the “stay signed in” checkbox.” Unless you delete your browser’s cookies, you won’t be asked for your password for the next 30 days. We recommend that you don’t share your password with anyone because your Google account allows access to your other Google products.



Adwords Overview Page

Google Adwords account overview
Adwords Overview page.


Google Adwords preferences for billing
This is where you see other settings, such as preferences for your Adwords account.

When you’re signed in, you’ll see an overview of your Adwords accounts and, depending on your level of access for this account, other features such as billing preferences, campaign management, and reports. Now that you know how to sign in to your Adwords account visit



Get Started with Your Adwords Account

Web address to create Google Adwords account
Visit to create your Google Adwords account.

Don’t have an Adwords account yet?

Google Ads Login click "Start now" button
Google Ads click the “Start now” button to begin your Ads paid search campaign.

Click “Start now” to create an Adwords account.



Visit Adwords Help Center

Google Adwords login help center address
This is where to go to get help with setting up your Google Adwords account before you can login.

For more information about Adwords, visit the Adwords help center.



Have Your Adwords Account? Now You Need Great Keywords

Now that you have a new Google Adwords account, create some shiny-new ads with the correct keywords. Finding the right keywords or terms requires special attention to what a consumer’s search intent is. The proper keyword research can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. A keyword research website is one of the best ways to start and will save you a significant amount of time to find the right keywords. Don’t forget to secure your branded keywords first.

Here’s a tip: Long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more comfortable to rank in Google and get you a more targeted visitor to your website. Therefore, target long-tail keywords like these can seriously improve your rankings in Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

There are many quality keyword research tools available. With that said, finding the correct keywords will make your next digital marketing plan very successful in Adwords and SEO. Create a great call-to-action and convert your website visitors into customers and make money.


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