Trackman Golf Data: TPT Golf Series 15 Shaft Driver Performance Review

TPT Golf 15 Series LKP MT SW shaft with Trackman performance data

Last Updated on June 28, 2023 by Rick Rys

Although our firm specializes in search engine optimization | SEO | digital marketing, we also love to golf. Our passion for analytics and technology makes for a better golf game. Who says golf club fitting doesn’t matter? Read on what Trackman data says about TPT Series 15 Golf shaft performance from a Master Clubfitter.

Wins On The PGA Tour

With wins on the PGA Tour, European Tour, Asian Tour, LPGA of Japan and World Golf Championships, TPT Golf Shafts are redefining what it means for golfers to perform their best. TPT Golf says they won’t stop until they create the perfect shaft for every golfer.

Who uses TPT golf shafts on PGA Tour:

  • Justin Rose
  • Bryson DeChambeau
  • Jason Day

You may have heard about seams or “spines” in golf shafts: imperfections found in conventional golf shafts that cause them to feel and perform different — even if they’re supposed to be exactly the same.

TPT Golf shafts don’t have seams or spines. Each of their shafts is created with Thin-Ply Technology (TPT), a revolutionary manufacturing process they pioneered to eliminate the inconsistencies of standard golf shafts.

TPT Golf 15 Series LKP MT SW driver shaft
TPT Golf shafts are made with Thin-Ply Technology (TPT), creating a more stable performance

TPT Golf claims they can produce a perfectly consistent shaft, that they say guarantee all golfers added distance, improved accuracy, and unrivaled consistency.

On to the testing.

My fitting was at Miles of Golf

Enter Miles of Golf Master Clubfitter, Dominic Choma

As a club fitter, I get to see and test various products from different manufacturers. Many you have heard of and some you haven’t.

There are plenty of products that come along that promise game breaking technology and performance, and some even succeed in backing up that promise.

Recently, I was introduced to a product that, in the words of the company, will create a new level of performance in a golf shaft.

The company making this claim is TPT Golf, with its blue line of shafts.

Satellite Material in TPT Golf Shafts

TPT Golf was started by NTPT, which is a Swiss-based company that produces materials that push the limits of weight, strength, and performance. Materials produced by NTPT have been used in yacht sails, F1 race cars, and even satellites.

Eventually, they discovered that their materials could be used to produce a golf shaft that was different than any other shaft on the market. This is how TPT Golf was formed.

You must be wondering, how is this shaft different?

The big difference is in the manufacturing process. This process is called the Thin Ply Winding method, which utilizes machinery and robotics instead of hand rolling in the manufacturing process.

Utilizing this process instead of the standard hand rolling process done by a human allows TPT golf to place their carbon fiber material in the exact places that they want in the shaft, maximizing the performance of each shaft.

Another benefit to using a robot instead of a human is consistency. A standard shaft produced by a human can have certain inconsistencies that can sometimes affect the performance of the shaft. Using a robot allows the manufacturer to eliminate those inconsistencies, to which the player will see the benefit of added consistency on the golf course.

Is This Shaft For Real?

To be honest, when I heard about this golf shaft and the price tag associated with it, I was a little skeptical. At $500 retail, this shaft is not cheap, and to make it worthwhile for most golfers it needs to be significantly better than the other available options.

I was aware of the success they were having on tour this season, with Justin Rose winning 3 of out 4 tournaments after he put this shaft into his driver, along with Jason Day now winning twice on tour with his driver-fitted TPT shaft.

That being said, just because a product works well for a tour pro does not mean it will work well for the average consumer.

To say I’ve been surprised by this product in my fittings so far would be an understatement.

Trackman Driver Performance Data for TPT 15 Series Shaft

TPT Golf 15 Series LKP MT SW Trackman performance data with Ping G400 LST driver
Trackman data for Ping G400 LST with TPT 15 Series LKP MT SW shaft

To provide a couple of examples of the benefits of this shaft, I am going to discuss a recent fitting where I saw a significant improvement in performance from this shaft – shot performance data provided from Trackman Golf radar.

This example was a fitting that I did for Rick Rys a couple of weeks ago. Throughout his fitting, Rick had a consistent miss, with a driver, that had a severe amount of curvature to the left, aka a snap hook.

We had found a set up with the Ping G400 LST driver with 8 grams of hot melt in the toe that had helped to limit his miss, and although this set up would have worked well for him on the course, he still would hit a severe foul ball from time to time that would have most likely resulted in a ball out of play.

Since I thought we could do better, I built the same clubhead up with a 15 Series TPT shaft with Low Kick Point, Mid Torque, and Standard Weight. The results were impressive, as shown by this picture below. Blue is the TPT set up, red is the 2nd best set up we found for him.

TPT-Golf shaft 15 LKP Trackman dispersion chart
TPT Golf shaft 15 LKP Trackman dispersion chart (blue) with HZRDUS Yellow shaft (red)
Shaft Ball Speed Smash Factor Launch Angle Spin Rate Carry Distance Total Distance
HZRDUS Yellow 65g 6.5 165.6 1.49 15.8 2121 291.8 313.6
TPT 15 LKP MT SW 167.3 1.50 16.9 1923 299.8 321.0

As we can see, his dispersion improved dramatically but the customer also saw an increase in distance as well. His average carry and total distance increase by about 8 yards. This mainly happened because of a slight increase in smash-factor, or efficiency as I like to put it, and a higher launch angle paired with a lower spin rate.

Essentially the ball came off the clubface faster, while also flying more efficiently through the air.

That is the recipe to help a player hit the ball farther.

Final driver/shaft fitting configuration:

Ping G400 LST
8.5 Degrees
TPT 15 Series LKP MT SW
Standard Hosel Setting
8g Hot Melt Toe

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