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SEO is not an expense. SEO is an investment.

Our firm believes that there is only one place to start in building a successful digital roadmap: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A website is often the hub of customer experience with successful brands. Websites play a vital role in building awareness, consideration, and intent of sales and service business. We’ll take the complex aspects of an SEO audit and consult them to all business stakeholders. We’ll build a roadmap to success that will measurably build your presence online and business results.

Why You Need SEO

At Syreo, we are not a fan of conventional advertising.

There are ads fighting for your attention, and wallet, outside at every street corner; in and outside the bus; on billboards everywhere; on the tv; and on the radio. You receive, overwhelmingly, more paper spam in your snail mailbox than actual letters with your name on it. There are ads in the daily papers. You get robocalls and texts trying to sell you stuff on your smartphone. There are ads in most of the apps you use, eating up your mobile bandwidth, and apps turnaround and sell your data. Your ISP (internet service provider) is also selling your internet data so that advertisers can find better ways to insinuate themselves more efficiently every waking second of your life. Every post/like/link from the people we know on social media is a disguised advertisement, yet people don’t realize they just became advert vehicles themselves – like it’s normal to text everyone you know to tell them that that orange sorbet from Bob’s ice cream is awesome.

Ways consumers block advertising:

  • SPAM filters with email
  • Caller ID with smartphones
  • Blocked phone numbers
  • Do not call registry
  • Recycle bins with printed material
  • No solicitation signs
  • Digital video recording (DVR) with cable/satellite television

Consumers are smarter than you think.

Consumers are blocking advertising and turning to search engines; the new advertising.

Think about it.

Voice Search and SEO: Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Home

As we’ve moved into the era of smartphones, our focus is now on smart speakers. Smart speakers are portable devices that we have placed into our homes and businesses. Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Home voice data is all provided by search engine algorithms. Think of this as the next-gen of artificial intelligence. Statistics show that voice search is now nearly thirty percent of all search queries provided by just Google. Google and Bing provide nearly all content that is served via voice search and that number will continue to increase.

Your search listings are more important than ever.

We Specialize in Digital Marketing Science
Keyword Strategy & Content Specialization

Competitive landscape

Site content vs. Keyword intent

Identifying content creation opportunities

On-Page SEO Optimization

Audit page structure

Metadata: meta descriptions, alt tags, image tags

Duplicate content

Search engine penalties

Domain Authority

Linking building strategy

Audit page structure

Website quality

Website reputation - trust factor

UX (user experience)

Analytics Specialist

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Bing Webmaster Tools

Overview of organic search results, goal conversions and KPI's

Mobile usage breakdown

Mobile performance optimization

Keyword performance

Site engagement insights

Technical SEO Specialist

Page speed performance

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Schema markup usage

HTML structure

404 Error pages

301 Redirects

Web Development

Building the most search-friendly, fast and secure websites is our passion. A major factor in search algorithms is site architecture. Building a site, from the ground up, ensures search engines can crawl and index site content efficiently; boosting search results.

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