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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Google Hopes So

Google loves mobile-friendly websites

Google’s focus has once more landed on its mobile-friendly website visitors. As of 2013, worldwide mobile phone internet penetration stood at 73% and is predicted to achieve 90% by 2017. Mobile is now a primary entry to the web. In response to these rising tendencies, Google has shifted its business focus to the display screen in your pocket, or handbag, slightly more than the one on your desktop.Google announced after April 21, that it will be adding mobile-friendly signals as a ranking factor in mobile search result listings. So, what are mobile friendly signals? Well, it’s not a cheeky grin from an iPhone 6, or a thumbs-up from a Samsung Nexus.

Google favors mobile-friendly website providing great search results and user experience
Smartphones are everywhere. Is your website mobile-friendly?

When Google crawls a website, their robots search for indicators that a website is not utilizing Flash software. GoogleBot favors websites that provide readable textual content without the need to zoom. It’s about guaranteeing website content that adjusts to suit the scale of the mobile display screen. The user experience of a website is immensely vital, as the ability to tap on the right hyperlinks is a key indicator of a mobile-friendly website.

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Google’s push towards mobile-friendly signals as a ranking issue, is from ComScore information suggesting mobile accounting for 60% of time spent on digital in the United States. This is figure is fascinating as we uncover mobile app usage drives 52 percent of digital engagement currently.

Google already facilitates mobile app indexing in mobile search results. Through deep-linking capabilities, brands can now show mobile app content material to customers looking on Google. App indexing lends itself nicely to Google’s vision of ‘universal search’; The place to find movies, photographs, native pages and now apps can all be optimized to look in the SERP (search engine result pages).


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